expo | Theo van Doesburg in Bozar

Bozar Brussels | 26 February29 May 2016

Theo van Doesburg: a new expression of life, art & technology

Travel back to the beginning of the twentieth century with Theo van Doesburg and inhale the revolutionary atmosphere of the avant-garde in the exhibition Theo van Doesburg: A New Expression of Life, Art and Technology.

Having founded the art movement De Stijl in the Netherlands with Piet Mondrian in 1917, Van Doesburg set off across Europe to promote their abstract visual language internationally. In Paris he encountered the art of the Dadaists and began writing Dadaist poetry himself. In Weimar he presented his new awareness of beauty to the Bauhaus architects. He travelled round Europe and made his pioneering visual language appear not only in paintings, but also in buildings, furniture and interiors. [source:bozar.be]

Curated by Gladys Fabre

Bozar/Centre for Fine Arts Brussels
Circuit Rue Royale | Koningsstraat
1000 Brussels (Belgium)

+32 (0)2 507 82 00

open Tuesday to Sunday from 10:00 – 18:00, Thursday from 10:00 – 21:00,
closed on Mondays


expo | TDC61 in PXL-MAD

PXL-MAD | 14 April 10 June 2016

The 61th edition of the annual Type Directors Club (TDC) exhibition on typography and typeface design will travel for the first time in its history to Belgium. The winning works of the TDC61 competition can be seen from 14 April until 10 June in the Graphic Design department of PXL-MAD, Hasselt.

PXL-MAD (Media, Arts, Design)
Elfde Linie straat 25, building C
3500 Hasselt (Belgium)

opening hours
Saturday 16.04, 10:00 – 14:00
Monday to Friday: 09:00 – 18:00

http://www.pxl-mad.be or  info@readsearch.be

This event is sponsored by READSEARCH, PXL-MAD.

expo | Kastaar ‘Drukdoenerij’ in Kornèl

Kornèl | 24 January 18 March 2016

The ‘Drukdoenerij’ exhibition features original letterpress printed works from Kastaar, and runs at coffeebar Kornèl from 24 January until 18 March 2016.

Location: Kornèl, Sint-Lambertusstraat 1, 2600 Berchem, kornelkoffie@gmail.com or 03 501 59 22 (open from Wednesday to Sunday, 10:00 – 20:00) http://kornel.be

For more information: Kastaar, Transvaalstraat 26, 2600 Berchem, hello@kastaar.com http://www.kastaar.com/kornel/



expo | Amai, Email! Belgium’s enamel industry

MIAT Gent | 03 December 201526 June 2016

When one thinks of enamel today, people usually come up with enamel advertising signs, which are popular by collectors and admirers of vintage design. However, a century ago, every day life would have been unimaginable without the use of enamel, since kitchenware, stoves, ovens, thermometers, and many other objects were all given a layer of enamel.

Amai, Email! displays for the first time hidden collections from the ingenious craft of enamel making to the public, and introduces the rich past of the enamel industry in Belgium, with more than one hundred original enamel advertising signs and objects of well known products.

Watch the news report on the opening of Amai, Email! here (in Dutch): video

MIAT, Museum over Industrie, Arbeid en Textiel Gent
Minnemeers 9
9000 Gent (Belgium)

+32 (0)9 269 42 00

open from 10:00 – 18:00, closed on Mondays