conference | Typosium XI: Read my book!

Antwerp | 27 August 2016

Initiaal’s Summertyposium XI : Read my book!

This annual event from Initiaal, the alumni organisation from the Plantin Institute of Typography, focuses this time on the publisher. Topics like ‘Which was, is and will the role of the publisher be, and what about the (book)producer?’, and ‘Publishing viewed from all sides’ will be discussed amongst the speakers and the audience.

Speakers are [talks will be in Dutch]:

  • Stijn van Rossem (historian / bookscientist)
  • Lidewijde Paris (Nieuw Amsterdam & De Lees!ambassade)
  • Rudy Vanschoonbeek (Uitgeverij Vrijdag, ‘Elke dag boeken’)
  • Jan Spiegelenberg (Pro-book)

For detailed information and registration, please visit or write an email to

Mediahuis (Linkeroever)
Katwilgweg 2
2050 Antwerpen (Belgium)

entrance fee: 40€ (entrance + lunch) or 95€ (entrance + lunch + typosium print)

Saturday Friday 27 August 2016 from 10:00 – 17:00


event | From sound to glyph: the typographic representation of languages

Antwerp | 27 May 2016

Born in Antwerp Young Creators :: Jo De Baerdemaeker

‘From sound to glyph: the typographic representation of languages’

In this talk, Jo De Baerdemaeker will present some of the typefaces he designed for national and international design projects. These are, amongst others, the fonts for stad Antwerpen, Flanders Art font family, Elegant Contemporary and Wiels; as well as his non-Latin (Lungta Tibetan, Nirmala Bengali, Sherpa font family, Noto Javanese, and Orkhon Mongolian) fonts for Microsoft, Google/Monotype, New York Times; and other projects.

:: break: showing of rare Tibetan music notation with live Tibetan music performance / Lhenzo + Sherten + Pangkyen Metok

:: interactive interview with Sara De Bondt, which will explore the practice-based research projects of Jo De Baerdemaeker, followed by Q&A session with audience

:: reception with the official exhibition opening

:: live performance of Mongolian music & Khöömii throat singers / / Jamuukh

An exhibition with original silkscreen printed type specimen posters, and photography, from Jo De Baerdemaeker / studio type is shown throughout the evening, and a unique type specimen will be printed in situ, as a keepsake of the evening for each of the attendees.

Born in Antwerp Headquarters
Kattendijkdok-Oostkaai 21
2000 Antwerpen (Belgium)

in collaboration with Studio Start, Kastaar, Afreux and Plantin Institute for Typography
sponsored by

free entrance
Friday 27 May 2016 from 19:30 – 23:00

talk | Matilda, een lettertype

MIAT Gent | Thursday, 21 April 2016 – 14:00

Researcher Ann Bessemans, associated with the recently founded ReadSearch Institute PXL-MAD at Universiteit Hasselt, wants to support weak readers in their learning process, and aims to make texts more clearer for them. She recently received a grant of 50.000 USD from Microsoft to enable further investigations in this matter.

For her doctoral research, Bessemans studied how typefaces influence the learning process of children with visual constraints. She continued working on this subject within the last two years. Bessemans reached a spot in the top five of talented scientists awarded by the New Scientist in 2015. (extra information)

Talk by Ann Bessemans, in collaboration with Maarten Renckens en Kevin Bormans.

Admission entrance fee to the museum, free for students

Reservations via Gentinfo: +32 (0)9 210 10 10 or

 MIAT, Museum over Industrie, Arbeid en Textiel Gent
Minnemeers 9
9000 Gent (Belgium)
+32 (0)9 269 42 00