conference | Typosium XI: Read my book!

Antwerp | 27 August 2016

Initiaal’s Summertyposium XI : Read my book!

This annual event from Initiaal, the alumni organisation from the Plantin Institute of Typography, focuses this time on the publisher. Topics like ‘Which was, is and will the role of the publisher be, and what about the (book)producer?’, and ‘Publishing viewed from all sides’ will be discussed amongst the speakers and the audience.

Speakers are [talks will be in Dutch]:

  • Stijn van Rossem (historian / bookscientist)
  • Lidewijde Paris (Nieuw Amsterdam & De Lees!ambassade)
  • Rudy Vanschoonbeek (Uitgeverij Vrijdag, ‘Elke dag boeken’)
  • Jan Spiegelenberg (Pro-book)

For detailed information and registration, please visit or write an email to

Mediahuis (Linkeroever)
Katwilgweg 2
2050 Antwerpen (Belgium)

entrance fee: 40€ (entrance + lunch) or 95€ (entrance + lunch + typosium print)

Saturday Friday 27 August 2016 from 10:00 – 17:00


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Association Typographique Internationale

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