event | DRKPSTRT #5 – Steamroller printing

Ham, Ghent | 7 & 8 May 2016

Druk op Straat #5 feesteditie

Fifth, and final edition, of the spectacular printing event DRUKOPSTRAAT.

Twenty artists design and create impressive prints on the streets of Ghent, not with a printing press but with a real steamroller, a machine normally used by roadworkers to flatten the surface of the asphalt streets.

Participating artists have carved their designs, beforehand, in a large piece of linoleum. Printouts are made live, during the two-day event, when the artists ink their pieces, spread out their works on the street, and cover these with textile. Finally, the steamroller walses over the works, with the usual ooh’s and aah’s from the audience, and resulting prints are pulled of the linoleum. A true magical moment, both for the artists and spectators.

The print results are presented on location, and also the spectators can experiment and create prints.

Participating artists are: Sam Scarpulla, Nathan De Corte, Nele Fack, Dries Deriemaeker, Jesse Jesser, Liesbeth Feys, Shirley Villavicencio, Sam Gvnst, Thierry Mortier, Wannes Behaegel, Wouter Viaene, Philippe Lantoine, Soika Vomiter, Nicolas Marichal, La Mauntagne, Liesbeth De Stercke, Roeland Zijlstra, Georgia Kokot, Emilie Ceriez, Korneel Detailleur & Jürgen Mus.

DRUKOPSTRAAT is organized by Topo Copy, Helix-vzw , Artistieke & grafische projecten and MIAT, in collaboration with Circa Cultuurcentrum Gent for SORRY, NOT SORRY festival.
SORRY, NOT SORRY is a street art track in Ghent comprising murals, graffiti, performances and art installations, using the city as bearer and crossbeam.



Saturday 7 & Sunday 8 May 2016 from 10:30 – 19:00



Author: atypi belgium

Association Typographique Internationale

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